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This project will produce a fully functional, rapid deploy personal drone system for firefighter & first responder aerial video.

About four years ago some advancements were made in the remote control modeling arena that made it possible to safely and consistently left a small and light camera with a radio controlled aircraft. Right on cue, the camera industry produced the remarkable goPro camera. Weighing in at only 75 g, it was all of a sudden possible to lift an HD camera with a small remote control vehicle. The results so far have been amazing, the light weight and safe flying performance make this small multi-copter an ideal platform for close in aerial situational awareness.

Please check out links to a couple more fire videos that were shot while prototyping the design for this project. Some of my goals to improve on this work would be a little more stability and a more dependable and robust downlink so that firefighters on the ground can get an even clearer picture of the situation they are facing.

This Project will produce a system that I hope will help modernize firefighting and save lives.

An aerial veiw of fires can be a tremendous help in everything from aiming hoses to evacuating nearby structures. This main thing is being able to see the perspective of the fire from above.

Commercial Fire in Detroit
Commercial Fire in Detroit

My project will create a very portable system that firefighters can use to quickly and easily obtain an aerial view for their IC or ‘Incident Command’ post.

It will be similar to the systems used for my past work, but with upgrades to allow for‘automatic’ flight modes. This will enable a very reliable, easy way to get an aerial view.

Here is a video link to some fire videos i have made in the past.

My youtube “public safety” channel

Risks and challenges 


Most of the risk associated with this project are things that I’ve had to address in the past . I feel that my experience will be invaluable as I integrate various components involved in this project in order to receive a repeatable reliable results.
The most important thing when developing an aerial platform is reliability. Make the model fly under control in all situations. There is nothing more important than a safe landing.
I’m very used to flying in all weather conditions and in urban settings. This experience will prove invaluable while developing this firefighting platform.


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